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High-quality content designed and scheduled for optimal learning and conceptual clarity.


Doubt clearing through the App; Interactive real-time discussion forum with current events; scheduled live interactions with faculty.


Hard copy study material in addition to up-to-date digital information for an added advantage.


Topic-wise assignments, in addition to full-length practice tests for higher-order thinking. Evaluation by faculty Kartic Godavarthy.

About Kartic's Anthropology

Civil Services Examination demands critical thinking, conceptual clarity, an ability to express powerfully and the wherewithal to apply the learnt knowledge to a range of situations and scenarios - not just textbook, rote memory learning. This applies to both mandatory papers like General Studies, as well as optional disciplines.
In addition to hard work, civil services examination requires a mentor who can guide, coach and help a student navigate through the myriad areas of study, labyrinth of study material and plethora of online resources. One of the reasons why many brilliant youngsters do not even reckon the Civil Services as a career option is this daunting task of manoeuvring through the chaos of preparation.
There are others like working professionals, home makers, people in family businesses, who may have all the abilities to get through the examination and a passion to serve the Nation, but do not pursue it because they cannot travel out for coaching for an year or two, do not have six to eight hours a day to sit through the classes and experience a dearth of quality online resources prepared by professionals. Ease of use and mobility are other factors that dissuade many from embracing emerging technologies that deploy e-learning.
There are still other groups of aspirants who may have had an opportunity to give an attempt or two in the past, but must have dropped the idea for various reasons. They need an access to online resources that can help them revisit and revise the subjects once the courses are completed long back.
Prabodha and its online offering "Dr. Kartic's Anthropology" were founded with a vision to provide high quality and immersive mentoring and e-learning programs for aspirants of Civil Services Examinations by leveraging the best digital technologies available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the study material included in the course?

Yes. You will receive three volumes of printed study material once you register for the course. We will dispatch it to you by post, and it will usually reach you within a week. 

Handouts and plenty of extra study material including analysis of interrelated topics will be provided to you digitally.

Is this course having LIVE classes?

No. Since you can join on any date of the year, the lectures are pre-recorded, but the virtual group discussion sessions are live. This course is designed to be a self-paced learning (within predefined timelines) through a mobile app, enabling you to study at a time and place of your choice. 

These lessons will be complemented by the Live sessions to clarify doubts and additional instruction that may be required for any topic. The schedule of the Live sessions will be intimated in advance via e-mail.

Are there any questions for my answer writing practice?

Yes! There are topic wise questions, and the course also includes full length practice tests that have critical thinking questions, giving you a realistic taste of the final UPSC mains. 

To develop a cutting edge, Kartic Sir encourages you to discover and perfect your own unique style of writing, instead of fitting in a mould. We give you clear guidelines for answer writing, and also a few sample answers for you to get a clear idea on how to structure answers, while pushing you to find your own original style.

Can I ask my doubts in the subject?

Yes! You will have access to an open discussion forum where doubts can be clarified anytime, and you can also discuss doubts during the live discussion sessions with the faculty. These are scheduled periodically, approximately every fortnight. Faculty can also be contacted directly by email from within the course.

Can I pause a video and take down notes, or watch the videos at a slower speed?

Yes! Unlike a live broadcasted class, during the time when the lectures are unlocked, you can pause, rewind, or watch at different speeds of your choice and convenience.


From what devices can I view the course?

While the course can be purchased from the web, the course is optimized to be viewed only on smart phones and tablet devices within our mobile Apps exclusively on iOS and Android. You can log-in to the course from only one device.

Are Current Affairs important? Will I know about them?

Yes, like with all optional papers, there are current affairs in Anthropology! After joining this course, while you are making a note of current affairs in General Studies, you will begin to recognise what is relevant to Anthropology. Most important news or trends will also be shared on the discussion forum. 

More FAQs are answered on the Course Page. 

Anthropology Syllabus Explained in Five Minutes

Watch this video to have a bird's eye view of Anthropology syllabus.  

How Anthropology Helps in General Studies

Watch this video to learn how Anthropology helps in multiple areas of General Studies, General Essay and other papers.  

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