I think, therefore I am.


Empower learners to compete in all walks of life thorough holistic mentoring and training. 


Leverage digital technologies to make learning inspiring, intellectual and intensive.


Integrity and Innovation

About Prabodha

Cogito, ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as “I think, therefore I am”. We are Prabodha, an organisation sculpted with a vision to empower students to think on their own and discover the intellectual resources they are endowed with. Guiding aspirants to success in fiercely competitive examinations like the Civil Services and navigating them to manoeuvre through the complicated journey is our mission. Designing and delivering immersive, interactive and intellectually stimulating e-learning experiences is our forte.

Prabodha is founded by Dr. Kartic Godavarthy, faculty in Anthropology, who has mentored thousands of students over 25 years for Civil Services Examination, conducted by UPSC every year. Prabodha was launched with a vision to provide high quality and immersive mentoring programs for aspirants of Civil Services Examinations by leveraging digital technologies. Thousands of aspirants do not enroll in coaching institutes because of the time and costs and the need to relocate to a new city for a year or two.

Many working professionals who have an inclination and aptitude to join the Civil Services do not pursue this goal because of the dearth in availability of quality online resources developed by qualified and experienced faculty. Prabodha has made its mission to fill this gap and bring immersive learning online closer to real-time classroom experience.

PLEASE NOTE: We have not authorised the sale of any study material on any e-commerce platform.