2020 UPSC Anthropology: The Best Optional Relevant to GS & Essay Papers 

(>845+ Marks Relevant to Anthropology)

Wed Jan 27, 2021

Anthropology was very relevant to more than just the optional papers.... 

In the 2020 UPSC mains, anthropology had a hidden advantage for many questions in the mains exam. Anthropology was not only relevant to the general studies papers I-IV, but the general essay, and in this video, you can see a breakdown analysis of all the places where Anthropology would prove invaluable.

Kartic Godavarthy (Faculty)
Kartic Godavarthy (Ph.D) a.k.a G. S. Kartic, is an Anthropologist with close to three decades of experience in teaching and mentoring civil services aspirants. He is the author of the most popular resource material for Anthropology, and has mentored successful aspirants from all academic backgrounds. He is also a film-maker and strategic communications expert, bringing a cutting-edge multidimensional approach to his teaching. 

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