Anthropology Diagrams Simplified: Mitosis

Thu Oct 1, 2020

How to Draw a Simplified Diagram of the Stages of Mitosis

This is a simple set of guidelines on how to quickly draw and visually remember the main features of stages of mitosis. 

Stage 1:

Draw a cell with a dissolving nuclear envelope (dotted line) and where the chromosomes are condensed after replication. This is PROPHASE. Tip to Remember (P for Prophase): This is where the cell is in 'Preparation' for mitosis.

Stage 2:

In METAPHASE, the chromosomes are placed along the Middle on a metaphase plate, and are held by the spindle fibers.
Tip to Remember (M for Metaphase): Chromosomes appear along the 'Middle' axis

Stage 3:
In ANAPHASE, draw the cell as elongated, and the chromatids are pulled to each end by the spindle fibers.
Tip to Remember (A for Anaphase): Due to this pulling action, chromatids appear at an ‘Angle'.

Stage 4:
In TELOPHASE, the cell has a constriction (cleavage furrow in animals) as it readies to divide the cytoplasm. The nuclear envelopes of the daughter cells are beginning to form.
Tip to Remember (T for Telophase): It appears as if a "Tight” band is present in the center, before cytokinesis takes place.

Hiranya Aditi Godavarthy
e-Learning Co-ordinator, Content Developer, Counsellor & Psychotherapist with a multi-disciplinary academic background.