IAS (2001)

"As a teacher and mentor, one has as much responsibility to teach, as to inspire. As an impressionable twenty year old I still remember Kartic Godavarthy's first classroom session as if it were yesterday! Clear, concise, precise with an endearing dash of humour. To me a 'serious' civil service aspirant, it was an experience in 'joyful' learning'.

I am proud to have learnt the 'A' of Anthropology from him. I encourage all keen learners, not only aspirants, to benefit from his decades of academic and field experience.

The story of human evolution and 'science of humanity' help us make sense of the world around us and none tell the story better than Kartic Godavarthy."


IAS (2009)

"Dr. Kartic played a pivotal role in my preparation for mains of CSE 2008. The comprehensiveness of his notes and timely guidance helped me develop confidence to pick up a completely new subject like Anthropology. Access to well researched Anthropology notes and mock answer writing sessions were the pick of my preparation time."


IAS (2012)

"Even after my preliminary examinations, I was not able to decide what my second optional would be (those days there were two optional subjects). It took me one month to decide it would be Anthropology. I then, through a personal request, joined Kartic Sir's class, and in two and half months (just two and a half months) I was able to give my Mains and pass with excellent marks. I narrowly missed the IAS that year and joined the IPS in my home cadre, and qualified for the IAS the next year.

What I learnt from Kartic Sir's class has stood me well for a lifetime. There is a great scaffolding - a superstructure to place your impressions of the subject and build on, there is room for self-improvement through a conscious decision of encouraging exploration on your own, and most importantly, there is immediate feedback. I cannot emphasise the importance of the third item enough. What was an audacious decision became a perfectly rational decision sheerly through multiple rounds of final feedback where my understanding was rapidly honed from a raw student's sketchy understanding to a confident bird's-eye view that reflected actual understanding and not just rote memory. In the pressure situation of an examination hall, this is gold dust. Thank you very much Sir!"

Mr. Maheshwar Reddy

IPS (2019)

For aspirants like me with the Engineering background, and very little nuts and bolts in Anthropology, Dr. Kartic Godavarthy Sir explains various concepts in the most straightforward manners alongside the linkages among these concepts, so that we can compose all encompassing and far reaching answers.

I found Sir’s feedback featuring the minutest mix-ups in our answers, ways to structure the answers reckoning on the demand of question and also the subtle approaches to utilize Anthropology ideas in general studies answers has been extremely helpful to me.